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Stainless Steel Kerbing

Save time and money with MKERB.
The only quality stainless steel kerbing available in continuous lengths of up to 18 metres.
MKERB is manufactured using unique production methods and supplied in kit form with custom fixings for immediate installation. 


MKERB is manufactured in continuous lengths of up to 18m - removing the need for multiple welds, polishing and piecing together of traditional 3m kerb sections. Which means it's faster and more cost-effective to install - providing an 80% saving on man hours.

MVIEW stainless steel double glazed sealed window units provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for commercial premises where maintaining optimum hygiene standards is critical. Our bespoke flush faced, ledge free frames are available in a choice of glass, perspex, fire-rated glass, laminate or polycarbonate.


MSOLVE products are proven to provide innovative solutions for everything from the simplest to the most complex commercial building requirements. Creative thinking backed by over 50 years of experience means that when it comes to construction and food factory buildings there isn't anything we haven't done or can't do.

MPARTS are easy to use and specially designed for fast and efficient on-site installation. Our unique, fully adjustable jacking system is specially designed to support MKERB safely and securely. Clips and other bespoke consumables are made to suit each job.


MKERB, MVIEW, MSOLVE and MPARTS are all brand names of S.A.W. McBride & Sons Ltd.


The Hanger, Painsbrook Lane,
Hadnall, Shropshire


Phone: 01939 210066
Fax: 01939 211705