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Why MKerb?
Most standard industrial stainless steel kerbing is in 3m lengths that require time-consuming welding to fit - and run the risk of further delays from distortion. MKerb is in continuous lengths of up to 18m - removing the need for multiple welds or any additional work other than corners or doorways. Which means it's faster and far more cost-effective to install. The estimated saving of using MKerb instead of traditional kerbing is least 10 man hours per 18 metres.

Quality without compromise
MKerb, which
is manufactured using highly specialised and unique production methods, is supplied as standard in 2mm stainless steel grade 304/316 with a DP1 brushed finish. It's not only seamless - it's also thicker - and can be filled with concrete at 100 slump without any distortion - which makes it stronger and longer lasting too. Plus different flooring systems and thicknesses can be laid at either side of the kerb.

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The range, which includes single sided kerb (with or without pre-filled concerete), double sided kerb (with the option of a retaining skirt), jacks, corners and door ends - is supplied in kit form for easy installation. Specifically designed for commercial use and proven for over ten years to provide a simple solution to kerbing that saves time and money.


MKerb can be installed corner to corner, corner to door and corner to T. The roof, wall panels and drains can all be fitted at the same time as MKerb making new build construction as easy as possible to achieve in the fastest possible time. Once the dedicated jacks are down, the kerbing is dropped on - and the job is done!

To find out how MKerb can help save you time and money on your next new build or retro-fit installation simply complete your requirements on the contact us page - and we'll show you just how much more cost-effective MKerb is than its competitors!





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