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New build or refurb MKERB delivers every time.
But you don't have to take our word for it -
our customers speak for themselves...

"MKERB have supplied stainless steel kerbing to Ambrey Baker Construction Ltd on many projects over the years. They have been a major part of our team in delivering high quality kerbing installations for commercial, retail and temperature controlled food storage proects. MKERB have an excellent 'can do' attitude to the challenges we face and constantly work with us to improve the efficiency, quality and health and safety of project delivery."

Reg Baker

"We have been impressed by the cost-effectivess of using MKERB for both newly constructed as well as refurbished tired production areas in our factory. Due to the very tight time lines the use of MKERB's prefabricated stainless steel kerb has been invaluable in saving considerable time on installation and its readiness for concreting. The fact that it can be made as a continuous length also makes the large floor areas look fantastic as opposed to having joins every couple of metres."

Steve Morgan

"We continue to be very impressed by MKERB. It's always delivered on time and so simple to install using the minimum number of tools we can easily install it ourselves. The speed of installation pushes the job forward to save us a considerable amount of time which is why we now specify MKERB for all our production areas. MKERB is a fantastic product that's proved it can cope with every obstacle we've faced and in our experience is a quality system to suit any potential requirement."

Dave Dobson

The Hanger, Painsbrook Lane,
Hadnall, Shropshire


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